The new way nonprofits
communicate online.

With a chatbot you can engage with supporters in a brand new way.

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Why should you consider a chatbot?

Chatbots have been shown to increase engagement amongst website visitors versus traditional practices. Finally, you can engage with supporters in a humanized way.

Increase Engagement

Studies have shown that users are 3x more likely to engage through the use of a chat bot. Afterall, we are human and want to be spoken to as such.

Drive Conversions

Whether you are looking to increase sign-ups, spread awarness or drive more donations - the integration of a chatbot can help your nonprofit achieve it's goals.

Deploy Across
Multiple Devices

Chatbots are more than just a website tool, they can be leveraged on Facebook, SMS, Amazon's Alexa and various other devices.

Your website's personal concierge

Your supporters have questions and we have answers. Allow website visitors to get the information they need instantaneously. Visitors can sign-up for a newsletter, pledge a donation or spread awarness.

Engage with supporters
where they are

More than just a tool for your website. Your chatbot can be used via SMS, Facebook, Slack and on a number of other platforms.

Tell your story
in a new way

As a nonprofit, storytelling can be a powerful tool to connect with supporters and move them to action. A chatbot allows you to start telling your story in a new way that is conversational and interactive.

Personalized asks

Your supporters are individuals and they should be treated as such. With a chatbot you can to customize your message and ask depending on the individual you're communicating with.

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